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Company in Washington state service audio/ video home electronics . We service and repair vintage and modern audio / studio equipment tube and solid state, modern and vintage , brands- Mcintosh, Yamaha, Kenwood, Onkyo , Krell, Marantz ,Mark Levinson , Pioneer, Luxman ,Panasonic, Sony, and other. We sell parts and components for TV and vintage audio gears. Shipping is free in USA. If you you have idea , repair question or looking for specific vintage component or part- let us know , we will be happy to help you. We can help with repair of any electronic device in your home or electronic project you have problem with .Contact Email- zzzebra67@yandex.com


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Free shipping Sony XBR-65X900B , XBR-55X900B Main Board A-2039-709-A , A2039719A


Free shipping SONY XBR-55X850B MAIN BOARD A2068024a   1-893-272-21

Out of stock

Free shipping Sony XBR-49X800D T-Con Board 6871L-4352B  6870c-0598a


Free shipping SONY KDL-70W830B    T CON board  RUNTK5475TP0106FV   1P-013AJ00-4011


Sony KDL-60W610B Main Board A2037451B , 1-889-202-22, 173457422


Free shipping SONY KDL-55W700B MAIN BOARD# A1998266B A-1998-266-B


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