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Company in Washington state service audio/ video home electronics . We service and repair TV,s , monitors, audio amplifiers, modern and vintage , brands- Mcintosh, Yamaha, Kenwood, Onkyo , Krell, Marantz ,Mark Levinson , Pioneer, Luxman ,Panasonic, Sony, and other. We sell parts and components for TV and vintage audio gears. Shipping is free in USA.Contact Email- zzzebra67@yandex.com


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free shipping  VIZIO E43U-D2  T CON BOARD T500QVN03.0 50T32-C04


free shipping 55.64S03.CE0, T650HVJ02.0, 65T09-C00 Vizio T-Con Board E650i-A2


Free shipping T-con board 15y55fu11apcmta3v0.0 VIZIO M55-C2


Free shipping VIZIO E550I-B2  T CON board 55t10-c08  t550hvn03.2


FREE SHIPPING VIZIO E60-C3 MAIN UNIT 0160CAP08101 , 1P-0147C00-2010


Free shipping VIZIO E601D-A3 MAIN BOARD 1P-0133500-4012  MBVZ


Free shipping Vizio E601l- A3,  1p- 0128j00 -4011  main board


Free shipping VIZIO E701I-A3 MAIN BOARD 1P-013BJ00-4010  MBVZ

Out of stock

Free shipping VIZIO E70U-D3 Main Board Y8387136S , 0160CAP0AE00 , 1P-015AX06-4010

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