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Company in Washington state service audio/ video home electronics . We service and repair vintage and modern audio / studio equipment tube and solid state, modern and vintage , brands- Mcintosh, Yamaha, Kenwood, Onkyo , Krell, Marantz ,Mark Levinson , Pioneer, Luxman ,Panasonic, Sony, and other. We sell parts and components for TV and vintage audio gears. Shipping is free in USA. If you you have idea , repair question or looking for specific vintage component or part- let us know , we will be happy to help you. We can help with repair of any electronic device in your home or electronic project you have problem with .Contact Email- vorona2227@yahoo.com


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Repair SERVICE for Marantz 7 or 7c, 7T Vintage Tube Preamp

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Get your classic Vintage Pioneer Marantz 7 or 7c, 7T  Tube Preamp  fully  Repaired .
This service includes ALL repairs  of your  Vintage Marantz 7 or 7c Tube Preamp   .
REPAIR  SERVICE  ONLY , NOT  THE UNIT  ON  PICTURE.                                               

By sending your unit to us, you can rest assured that both channels are properly upgraded using matched components . Our service includes a replacement of ALL varied and aged components at no extra cost 
We will perform repair and cleaning service  inside unit , not  outside, focusing  on  bad internal  components  and  parts.
                                                                 SHIPPING ADDRESS  
                                                              6434 41ST, STREET, EAST
                                                                  FIFE, WA, 98424
Unit functionality on us. 
                                   what is  included:
              -   unit testing .
              -   cleaning internal boards,switches and trim resistors.
              -   replacing all  bad  components, tubes.
              -   replacing  all  aged (some components  have  limit of  life)critical  components (electrolytic  capacitors, some specific  transistors,  diodes.)
              -  new front panel lamps if  needed.
              -  inside oxidation  and corrosion removal .
              -   soldering joints testing  and  rebuilding if  needed.
              -   audio grade  components only will be used.
              -  testing  after  repair ---   24  hours.
              -  No hidden  fees  or  charges.
              - no power.
              - smoke coming from inside.
              - no sound.
              - left channel has no sound.
              - right channel has no sound.
              -  unstable sound.
              -  low sound on  one  or  two  channels.
              -  some function not working.
              -  unit goes to protection mode.
              -  illumination  or front light  not working.
              -  missing components ( less than 30%)
  After  repair  you  will have  a  fully  working  unit  back+ our  shop receipt  with  explanation  of  all replacement  done  inside.
We do  not  clean  and restore units  outside.
We do  not  repaint metal ,wood or plastic outside.
All  upgrades, changing design ,functionality will  be  offer  to  you  by  email  if  needed  and will  need  your approval.
ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITORS ----  Elna, Panasonic, Nichicon,Rubycon, Samxon,
NON ELECTROLYTIC  TUBE SCHEMATICS --  Sangamo,  k73-16 , Mullard , K42Y-2, KSO-2G
NON ELECTROLYTIC  solid state  SCHEMATICS  --- Saha, Vishay ,
TRANSISTRORS  , IC  ----------------------------------    Philips, Pioneer,Sanken,DEC,SMK, Mitsubishi.
Tubes  ---  original  or closest analog.
Each repair case is unique  and we will  decide  what part will be  used.
Our goal --- minimum change  to  unit  to keep unit original schematic design.
Critical components for sound  will  be  original or close as  possible by parameters.
Time  frame for repair   --  2-15 days.
Most  parts  we  have  in  stock  but  sometime if it  needs  some unusual,rare,specific  parts -  time  frame  could  be  longer.
Example - specific switches, trim resistors, tube holders, exclusive ,rare push buttons.
In  any  case   we  will  contact  you  and inform you how it goes.
Certified repair shop.
                    THERE ARE  UNITS WE  DO  NOT  TAKE  FOR  REPAIRS
                            --  AFTER MAJOR FLOOD  OR  WATER DAMAGE  INSIDE.
                                    --   AFTER MAJOR  FIRE.
                                   ---   30%  AND  MORE  MISSING  INTERNAL  COMPONENTS
                                   ---    AFTER IDIOTIC UPGRADES  AND  REDESIGN.
                                    --    AFTER SEVERE MECHANICAL DAMAGE.
                              IF WE CAN,T FIX YOUR UNIT - FULL REFUND.
                                             QUESTIONS -   vorona2227@yahoo.com


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