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Company in Washington state service audio/ video home electronics . We service and repair vintage and modern audio / studio equipment tube and solid state, modern and vintage , brands- Mcintosh, Yamaha, Kenwood, Onkyo , Krell, Marantz ,Mark Levinson , Pioneer, Luxman ,Panasonic, Sony, and other. We sell parts and components for TV and vintage audio gears. Shipping is free in USA. If you you have idea , repair question or looking for specific vintage component or part- let us know , we will be happy to help you. We can help with repair of any electronic device in your home or electronic project you have problem with .Contact Email- zzzebra67@yandex.com


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  Provo electronics  -   electronics   repair  company  in   WA  state    .

   We repair  and  service    STUDIO  AND AUDIO EQUIPMENT. Vintage audio , HI-FI  gears  and  video  equipment . Proffecional  stage audio equipment repair  and service.  All brands.   Tube and solid state. Pich up service available in Seattle area.
    In  business serving North West community   from  1992.
 We   sell   components   and  parts  for   all  brands TV,s   and  vintage audio  gears .
     Authorized   Repair center for Samsung, LG , PANASONIC, VIZIO  ,  RCA , Sony  TV,s   AND  MCINTOSH, Marantz, Pioneer, Kenwood audio equipment in Seattle area.

                                                                                             6434  41st, st, east.

                                                                                            Fife, WA, 98424


    This  website  is   online  store  specificaly  design  to  sell  components  and parts  for audio/ video electronics - Panasonic, Samsung , Sony    and more . Marantz ,Mcintosh ,Kenwood ,Onkyo,Sansui product  to  USA, Europe  , Asia  and  other  countries  around  the  world.
    Paypal    is  a  major  payment  system  for  this  store ,  but  in  future  we   will open  more  flexible  payment  system  for  all  countries.
    Shipping to USA is free.  International  Shipping  is  $10  to  any  country  on  the  globe.  
    Shipping  by  USPS   in   1-5 days .( Intrnational - 10-20 days)





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